How to become a Vendor

To become a vendor/own a store on Afrihap is very simple all you need do is to click on the Register button found at the top navigation bar and fill the form. While filling the form don’t forget to select the last check box that indicates “become a vendor” and then click submit.

Once we Receive your application an admin staff will verify your application and activate your account within 48hrs.


After you successfully login to your account upon registration and account activation, do the following

1) From site’s home page ,login into your account (Ensure you enter your correct username and password)

2) Click on Vendors Dashboard at the top bar of the site home page (Please do not click on the sub categories from the Vendors Dashboard drop bar, you only need to click on the Vendors Dashboard)

3) After you have clicked on the vendors dashboard,A Vendor dashboard title page with the following options will come up:

View Your Store, Store Setting,  Add New Products, Edit Products

4) Click on Add new Products, and a new page will come up.

5) In the first data filed enter the product name and in the next filed enter the Product details

6) Select the right product category ( by the right hand side)

7) Enter your regular price (price product is sold in market) and sales price ( price you wish to sale)

8) Fill the product tags by entering the product name here

9) Product image: this is were you add the product image. Select it to add product image. From the product image menu, select upload file, then u locate the image on your computer and select after selecting click on set product image.

10) If you have other images to upload add them to the add product gallery images link found by the right hand side just immediately below the product image field

11) If you have a product short description you may add it in the last column

12) finally click on submit for review

13) your product will now be submitted for an admin to verify before listing. once it is verified it will be listed within 24hrs and you will be notified once its listed

Note: kindly call  any of our mobile numbers (+234-708-561-4161, +234-908-667-9665, +234-813-077-4478, +234-803-0559-825) if you have problems with uploading products.




1.For all African hair and locs, reaches millions of customers.


2.Our Operations and customer service is none to be compared with. Shipping and delivery is done by advertises your products to millions of customers around the African continent through our numerous advertising platforms, social media both offline and online, giving a fair attention to all vendors


4.At,vendors are treated with great respect, providing them every necessary assistance every step of the way. serves as a middle man between vendors and customers through our organised and well-channeled marketing platforms.


6.At, vendors enjoy 0% commission on selected days.


7..Vendors are allowed to list as many products as possible, so long as they are

No minimum listing

No maximum listing is an avenue where vendors who are also manufacturers/entrepreneurs in African hair products are encouraged and promoted. will organise promos, giveaways and special market days, in order to benefit and promote our vendors.


10.At vendors have peace of mind, no stress and no cause to worry.


11.In a situation vendors are not disposed to upload their product image,price and product description, offers the help to do so but will certainly attract a token fee.

For more inquries ,send mail to



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