Afrihap VIP Card

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Afrihap VIP Cards is one of our customer loyalty cards specially for our customers who has bought a cumulative amount of goods worth 300,000 and above in one year.
1. Customer will be given the Afrihap VIP Card for free
2. Card Holder gets end of the year gift hamper
3. Card holder gets special treats on afrihap.ccom like free shipping,new product alerts,birthday or wedding anniversary freebies
4. Card Holder is entitled to a free buffet dinner with spouse or with any one partner
5. Card Holder is entitled to a One day vacation trip once in a year.
1. Customer’s cumulative amount of goods worth N300,000 bought from afrihap.com in one year.
2. Customer will have to maintain this purchase every year in other to continue in the benefits given.
3. No membership fee is required
4. No Renewal of membership fee

Afrihap Flexi Shopping Card for Students

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Afrhap Flexi Shopping Card for Students is a card specially made for our undergraduate student customers on afrihap.com.
This is to help you shop to purchase all that you want for your  hair without having enough cash.
1. Card is obtained at the cost of N500
2. Students school ID is required
3. 2 guarantors  required
How it Works:
1. Students purchase limit is N5000
2. 70% down payment
3. 30% balance payment to be done within 6 weeks
To buy the Afrihap Flexi Shopping card for students,pls visit the beauty plus category and place your order. After purchase,a form will be e-mailed to you.

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